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New conditions in the footsteps of industrialization

Conapto and Radar Ecosystem Specialists present a report series in four parts – The industrialized IT ecosystem. Part two is called New conditions in the footsteps of industrialization and it’s just out for downloading.

The IT industry is going through a process of industrialization which affects the whole IT eco system. Radar has observed how the major cloud factories have standardized a big part of the market range of services. The consumption of cloud services is as known extensive in Sweden and it keeps growing bigger every day. In our report New conditions in the footsteps of industrialization you’ll receive valuable insights on how you are affected by the industrialization and also how you can turn it to your advantage.

The report is produced by Radar Ecosystem Specialists on behalf of Conapto and is available for free download here (only in Swedish).

Want to start from the beginning? The first part of the report series is avaliable for download in Insights.

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