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We are Conapto

About Us

Conapto AB was launched October 1, 2018 as a result of an acquisition of Sungard Availability Services’ Swedish operations. Conapto headquarters are in Stockholm with two co-location data centers (north and south Stockholm). The company offers safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective co-location for your physical hardware as well as market leading interconnections and access to the cloud.

Behind the acquisition and launch of Conapto is the Nordic private equity fond Segulah V L.P. This ensures long-term, active and responsible ownership where focus always will be on innovation, growth and customer benefit.

Our Vision

Worldclass customer experience that makes us the number one pick on the market!

Our Business Idea

Conapto facilitates the move to the cloud. By placing IT with us, Swedish companies get high performance, wide range of services, reduced cost and flexible agreements without binding time.

Our Values



We are creative and are constantly improving. We create modern, flexible solutions. We have a proactive approach and we prioritize tasks that take us to goals and vision.



We respect the opinions of others and are flexible and customer-focused.



We take responsibility for each other, our environment and our customers. We give responsible persons a clear mandate and resources to perform the task in the best way.



We create an inclusive atmosphere, is a team where we cooperate and appreciate everyone’s opinions as equals.

Our Approach to the World

Our Unique Customer Offering

Swedish alternative from owners to employees on site in Stockholm.

Two connected data centers that together offer unique redundancy.

Private connections to public cloud services.

100% uptime on power and cooling since 2000.

Modern business model with flexible terms without binding time.

Welcome to Conapto – this is us!

How Can We Help You?




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