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Cloud factories takes place in Sweden

You’re probably already familiar with the fact that Amazon Web Services has opened their data centers in Sweden and that Microsoft is purchasing land in Gävle. The cloud factories is all about Sweden and as it seems,  they’re here to stay. Despite the fact that it puts Sweden on the map within the cloud industry globally, what does the opening actually mean for Swedish companies?


Data stays in Sweden

The single most important aspect is that Swedish companies and organizations will now be able to use AWS without their data ever leaving Sweden. Cloud services security has  been in the loop in the past couple of years, especially when stored in other countries, TransportGate being the most famous example. With AWS establishment in Sweden, whole new possibilities is created for managing and controlling the security of your cloud solution, even with sensitive data.


With availability zones in Sweden, customers will be provided with higher availability, stability and performance on the services. Since the zones replicates one another, you can use even more resources and power if needed.

Faster connection

Since distance matter for the actual speed within a network, a better performance can now be offered to Swedish customers. How does speed matter to me as a customer? It simply improves the reliability of the services and application you use.

Lower price

The initial pricing in the Stockholm region seems to be lower than both Ireland and Germany on several of the services. That said, you should alway keep an eye on the current price and keep in mind that Sweden so far has a slightly more narrow selection of services.


Companies and organizations need a secure and cost-efficient parter where they can place their infrastructure. They need a place with scalability and flexibility without lock-in and long agreements. They also need the proper communication solution to the public cloud service providers. Conapto can help you all the way. With these factors in place, you can focus on business development and innovation. In the long run, it gives you a competitive advantage, better profit and better results.

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