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We have a winner

We can now announce the winner of a brand new electric bike! Environmental sustainability is an important part of Conaptos core values, something we have in common with the winner Anna-Karin Nyman who writes the following:

“I have commuted 150 km per week by bike for the last 8 years. Now that I’m pregnant, I want to be able to continue doing so both with a belly and while carrying a child. Therefore, I dream of an electric bike to manage to carry an extra persons weight and still commute in an environment-friendly way to kindergarten, work and activities.”

We gave Anna-Karin a call to deliver the good news and got the chance to ask her a few questions.

What’s you best pro tip for an environment-firendly lifestyle?

I’m the kind of person who walk or ride the bike 99% of the times. I strongly believe in everyday exercise rather than visiting the gym three times a week. It’s better to stay active in your everyday life, both for yourself and for the environment.

Have you ever tried an electric bike before?

No! So I’m excited! And now that I’m pregnant, and ride my two-year old to kindergarten, I could use the extra help.

Where is the first bike ride heading?

To kindergarten and to work!


We hope Anna-Karin will have great use of the electric bike as an environment friendly transportation. And a big thank you to all who entered the competition.

Anna-Karin Nyman

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